Anastasia Galitsyna

Galitsyna Anastasia- painter, graphic artist, member of the Union of Artists b. 1983-1989-studied at the Moscow secondary art school at the V.I.Surikov Institute 1989-1995-studied at the V.I.Surikov Moscow State Academic Institute at the Faculty of Graphics 1996-scholar of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation 2004 2005-laureates named after Afanasy Kulikov

 1995-1998 International summer plein airs. Austria: Kufstein, Salzburg, Innsbruck. 1999 Switzerland Easter exhibition Messe-Basel.

1997 Central House of Artists - exhibition of works by artists of the central regions of Russia, Moscow 2004. Central House of Artists - All-Russian Exhibition Russia -10.

2012 International plein air: Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, exhibitions in Zrenjanin, Trebinje. 2018 Kaluga Innovation Center-Festival of Contemporary Art "Tsiolkovsky Fest" 2001,2003,2016 - personal exhibitions: Kaluga, Obninsk, Kufstein, Salzburg, Moscow - Central House of Artists 2017, Artplay 2021. Works are in the collections of the Kaluga Regional Art Museum, Museum of History Obninsk, in private collections in Russia, Italy, USA, Switzerland, Austria, England, Germany, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Spain. Participant and author of murals and decoration of the Petr Hotel in Karlovy Vary A series of works have been created:

1996: Prague Carnival, Dolls, Puppets. 1999: Urban motives: Venice, Salzburg, Lucerne 2003 Theater Visual study of the issue of children's perception in the implementation of the creative script of theatrical and choreographic performances. 2010 Facades, Cyclades, Decorations, 2014-2016-Port, Networks, Neon, Bolshoi Theater, Cobwebs, Embroidery. 2018-2019-Plein air in Sicily. A series of works "Psychology of unsafe distances", "Differentiation of interactions", "Contact links" has begun. 2020. Work on the problems of limitations in the series "New concepts of movement". Participation in the project gallery Apartment S "Nadezhda". 2021 Exhibition from the gallery Apartment S "Games of the Mind" Moscow, Artplay center.                                                                                                    Research:Until 2000 - How is creativity manifested in an urban environment? A series of works where the urban environment interacts with creative life. How do plasticity, music and dance change in an open urban space, interacting with the specific public of the city, as well as with architecture belonging to different time periods of creation? Since 2000 - Immersion in the theme of the urban environment, characterized by focusing on those temporary layers that are manifested in the materiality of the manifested textures of the subject component of the city and the temporal parallels through this material factor of the environment. Approaching the focus of attention to the subject itself leads the artist to discover interesting textures, outside the urban theme, created by hand, characterizing the national identity of various cultures. Embroidery is a separate topic, considered as an interesting phenomenon that unites and at the same time shows the individual roots of the creators - national, generic, characteristic. Also, theater, creativity - begin to be considered by the artist from the psychological side - this is the study of the issue of children's perception in the implementation of the creative scenario of theatrical and choreographic performances, as well as the ways of emotional interactions - contact and non-contact. In 2020. Working on the problem of limitations, thinking about what personal freedom is, about personal choices and priorities of each and what they are conditioned by. The free spirit is presented as a metaphor for the physical world, as energy that never ceases to be. The cycle series of works embodies the reflection on what movement, energy, point zero is, nothingness from which new phenomena arise. from 2021 again a return to the theme of the urban environment, where the space of being and eternity now meet. A person is forced to reflect on these issues in the space of the city and the crowdedness, where the artist proposes to defocus the consciousness, slow down, stay in some observation, while not slowing down the usual pace of city life.


Telegram @Anastassya77

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