Album ""Systematization of Сhaos""

About the album

"Systematization of Chaos" is a series of works about the balance of forces between spontaneously occurring things and an attempt to organize them into a system. The spontaneously created color spots were structured by a white line and a dot.

Chaos and the System, as "overlapping parallels", exist simultaneously and at the same time "flow" from each other.

A person in the process of development is constantly trying to curb Chaos, striving to make his life safer and more comfortable. By studying the world around him, he arranges phenomena and objects and obtains new knowledge to achieve his goals. Classification and systematization have become an integral part of our lives, we have become dependent on order and progress. Relying so much on the order around us, we stop noticing the external effects of Chaos. Chaos is the opposite of the System, it is elemental, unpredictable and changeable. A person can only try to control it, it is impossible to control an earthquake or black holes, since it exists outside of our consciousness.

Chaos and the System are like two halves of one whole, like energy and matter, like a swarm consisting of dots, but not having a clear shape and direction.

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