Maria Tikhomirova

Maria Tikhomirova

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Maria Tikhomirova, an artist from Moscow, also works under the pseudonym Peddi. She is engaged in several areas, such as: modern painting, book illustration, collage, street art, furniture decor, and at the same time works as a circus performer. Many plots and images of her artworks were found in the complex backstage life and travels in which she spends most of her time. She graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Geodesy and Cartography with a degree in design, studied for 7 years in the studio of the Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Chauzov, took courses in carpentry and stone mosaics. She is a participant in exhibitions of watercolorists, the youth section of the Union of Artists of Russia and exhibitions of contemporary art, including those curated by Andrey Barteniev. The last painting “Farewell near the London Bridge” was nominated for the first prize in the American gallery “Colors of Humanity”. Her works are distinguished by mysterious lyrics, which combine something life-affirming and at the same time infinitely sad. The main search of her art is devoted to hidden emotions that create a certain world, implicit, but sharply perceptible, breaking through the surface of reality visible to all of us. Thus, inside her works, she tries to create a secluded space for the viewer for his own experiences, emotions and meanings, in order to build a special dialogue between the viewer and the artwork.

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