Nadezhda Khovaeva

Nadezhda Khovaeva

Date of birth


1998. Volgograd Academy of Architecture and Construction

2016 School of Painting by Svetlana Nesterova

Member of organizations

Member of the watercolor community IWS Globe

Member of the Eurasian Art Union

Member of the Union of Watercolorists of Russia

2021 International Juried Art Competition

"Still Life" Finalist Award

Nadia was born and grew up in Russia. Since childhood she has been involved in creative process, she loved drawing in her free time. When she was 8 years old, she went to Mongolia with her parents and lived there for 5 years. On the way there, she watched with fascination as mountains, rivers, Lake Baikal, impenetrable forests, flower glades, herds of wild animals were sweping through the train window. She wanted not only to remember all the beauty, but also to share it with those who had never seen it. So she began to paint landscapes and wildlife. At this moment she realized how diverse the world was. It was a new world - a different nature, people, culture. Buddhist temples, masks, giant statues, music, ornaments amazing the imagination. All this enriched the inner world and had a great impact on the development of personality. These paintings remained forever, like prints, in her memory, which would become the subject of her research in the future.Nadia has always been concerned about the themes of human existence, self-knowledge, and hidden human capabilities. She studied philosophy and psychology.As an artist Nadia is interested in a person's worldview, their self-awareness. She explores the mechanisms of memory, deep-rooted beliefs, emotions and memories that are stored in the brain system and control people's lives on a subconscious level. Memory acts as a link between a person's past, present and future.The picture becomes a game experiment that allows her to reveal the traditional optics of perception of reality and explore more deeply the inner space located beyond the mind.Watercolor is the medium that tends to be irrational himself, creating man-made effects.From the point of view of metaphysics, a person is an energy that carries movement, transformation and continuity in time.She is convinced that by learning about the inner world, a person can make a new leap in their development. The most powerful element is the one inside us. To know it is to take your power!

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