Julia Zhdanovich

Julia Zhdanovich

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My name is Julia. I was born in Ukraine, while having lived all my life in Belarus. Initially, my career was supposed to be athletics (long jump), but due to circumstances I mastered the law and at the moment I provide legal support to a large industrial enterprise. In addition, I found myself a mother of two star children, and therefore I have to give most of my energy to them. Thus, learning to draw was not part of my plans. I learned to draw and continue to study through webinars, online courses and master classes by various artists. At the same time, I felt a craving for drawing already in the second grade of a comprehensive school - it was during this period that I get the best geometric shapes and drawings. Although it is recalled that it was my grandfather who left behind the sketches of people, natural landscapes, filled with ink and pencil.

As an additional income, she began to paint portraits in the style of pop art to order. It was when working on pop art portraits that I myself tried to mix colors for the background. I studied colors and shades in pairs, then moved on to the magic of the tricolor.

I paint my landscapes in a state of somnambulistic flow (I think, like most enthusiastic creative people realize their ideas and fantasies into the world), so I might not notice the people entering the workshop ... For the same reason, my kids can sometimes smell burnt pasta.

Exhibitions? Oh yeah! Library, free, snobbish or incompetent opinions. I saw it, passed it, it was insulting and lonely. At the moment, registering my work on electronic platforms, I am counting on private communication p2p. No judgment or criticism. Evaluation by action only. If you bought it, you liked it.

Health and happiness to everyone. Honestly.

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