Yulia Rytikova

Category: assembly
2022, acrylic, textile, red thread, canvas on a stretcher, 70 x 50 x 4 сm

We are taught from childhood to be obedient, good, comfortable. Don't do it, don't shout loudly, don't cry, don't twitch, sit still, don't cry, smile, don't upset your mom/dad/grandmother... Does it hurt? Do not cry, it doesn’t matter. You're scared? Don't make it up, there aren't any monsters under your bed. Are you lonely? What nonsense, you have everything for a normal life, someone doesn’t even have this ...

 We grow up wrapped in a spiderweb of millions of “no”, “wrong”, “not accepted”, “it shouldn’t be like this”, “uncomfortable”... confusion and misunderstanding how to interact with this world. How to talk, how to smile, what to feel, HOW to feel. What is truth and reality, and what is illusion, surrogate and sheer denial?

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