I'm really tired

Gloomy Glow

Category: graphics
2022, charcoal pencil, paper 200 gr, 31 x 21 сm

It is no surprise to me that we still do not live in a world of victorious humanism, even after all the terrible lessons we have learned as humanity.

We have created an information world where you will be offered thousands of truths. Credible, subjective, manipulative. Argumentative (or not so argumentative) explanations of who you should sympathize with and who you shouldn't. Who is to blame. Who deserved it. What the options were. Who is lying. And who is right. How many bona fide speakers are there among them? Journalists? Publishers? Politicians? Scientists?

To be a humanist is to continually sort through all situations so as not to get lost. Every news story, discovery, argument, book, and article is checked for accuracy from every angle. Who wrote it? Does he have the relevant knowledge and education? What do other experts think of him? And study, study, study the sciences so as not to stigmatize people through ignorance or propaganda.

All this in itself is already like a full-time job. Second, third, fourth. Depends on what social stratum you're in. Add to that the world is much more complicated than black and white. That everywhere you look, there's a spectrum of all shades. 

Where do people, who have to work every day just for their own survival, find the strength, time, and desire to take another job? All the more so that they themselves will most likely never see the tangible fruits of this labor. And probably not their children either.

Every humanist I know often feels very, very tired. I wanted to capture that. To show how many sticks we, as a society, have put in our own wheels.

We don't lose faith. We don't stop working. And we get very tired.

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