Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center

Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center

st. Obraztsova, 11, Moscow, Russia, 127055
+7 (495) 645-05-50

The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center is a cultural and educational project that includes a historical exposition, temporary exhibitions, an avant-garde center, a space for public lectures, discussions and conferences, a 4D cinema, a tolerance center and a children's center.

The permanent exhibition tells the story of the Jewish community in Russia from the middle of the XVIII century to the present day – but it has nothing to do with traditional historical expositions. The museum's exhibition space is interactive and invites visitors to travel back in time and get involved in the historical context: the exposition is divided into 12 thematic pavilions designed by Ralph Appelbaum Associates, a leader in the field of exhibition design.

From the space of the historical exposition, visitors directly enter the museum of modern art, an art or photo gallery, find themselves at an exhibition about cinema, music, fashion, technology or literature. Jewish culture is not limited to the traditions of Judaism: the purpose of the museum is to tell about world-class artists and bring their works to Russia, reveal the talent of young artists and give the floor to experts in various fields.

This is a unique platform for an open dialogue between people of different cultures, religions and worldviews.

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