Marina Gisich Gallery

Marina Gisich Gallery

Embankment of the Fontanka River, 121, St. Petersburg, Russia, 190068
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+7 (812) 314-43-80

Marina Gisich Gallery is one of the first contemporary art galleries in St. Petersburg, was founded in 2000 by Marina Gisich. Today, the gallery occupies one of the key positions in the contemporary art market in Russia. From the very opening, the circle of the gallery's authors includes recognized masters (Gleb Bogomolov), as well as iconic artists of the last decades of Russian art (Vladimir Kustov, Evgeny Yufit, Kerim Ragimov, Peter Bely, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Kirill Chelushkin, Ivan Govorkov and Elena Gubanova, Grigory Mayofis, Marina Alekseeva, Boris Kazakov), as well as representatives of the younger generation of artists formed over the past 5-8 years (Lera Nibiru, Tanya Akhmetgalieva, Tim Parshchikov, Ivan Gorshkov, Semyon Motolyanets, CrocodilePOWER, Asya Marakulina).

In total, there are currently more than 30 leading contemporary artists from Russia and European countries in the gallery's "pool".

Since 2010, the gallery has been actively participating in international contemporary art fairs, such as Vienna Contemporary, ARCO Madrid, Art Paris, Contemporary Istanbul. In 2016, the gallery became the only invited participant from Russia at the Volta NY fair as part of the Armory Show. Since 2017, he has been participating in the Art Miami fair, as part of Miami Art Week. Since October 2019, the gallery has been a member of the Board of the Association of Galleries of Russia.

The Gallery cooperates with foreign artists, and also actively works with major museums and foundations of contemporary art in Russia and Europe, among them: the State Hermitage, the State Russian Museum, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Multimedia Art Museum, the New Museum of Aslan Chekhov, the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, Breus Foundation, the Museum of Contemporary Art of St. Petersburg, PERMM, the Museum of Moscow, Waino Aaltonen Museum, Fondacio Sorigue, Fondation Wilmotte, Aksenov Family Foundation, the V. Smirnov and K. Sorokin Foundation and others.

Marina Gisich Gallery is consistently working to promote Russian contemporary art on the domestic and international market. Over the past few years, a number of major projects have been carried out under the curatorial supervision of the gallery, the most significant of them: the opening of the Ural Vision Gallery (Yekaterinburg), the exhibition "Crystallizations. Contemporary Art from St. Petersburg” (Waino Aaltonen Museum, Finland).

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