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PA Gallery (Parshina Avanesova Gallery)

Founded in 2019 by Elena Parshina and Nadezhda Avanesova, PA Gallery showcases contemporary art by Russian and international artists. We collaborate with mid-career artists who have earned recognition within theart community and with emerging artists, supporting their efforts to articulate their own creative language and framing the appropriate context for them. PA Gallery is also particularly interested in providing a platform for "unofficial" art of the late 20th century.

Our consistent investigative interest in and passion for art fuels the gallery's endeavors. PA Gallery is a living, growing, multimedia ecosystem with plenty of room for all generations of artists to express their ideas. Here, the networking, expertise-sharing, seeding, and propagation of new ideas never stops.

The gallery is on a mission to bolster Russian artists who have already made strong creative statements, encourage up-and-coming talent at the dawn of their careers, and discover new names, cutting-edge techniques, and unconventional visions of reality. We are committed to promoting Russian art by maintaining institutional partnerships and organizing exhibition events at museums, spotlighting artworks to propel them into museums and private collections, and magnifying our artists' profiles on the Russian and international art scenes.

Along with the solo and group exhibitions that PA Gallery hosts on a regular basis, we also assist in advancing curatorial projects where young curators get the support they need to give center stage to modernity's most urgent topics.

PA Gallery often contributes to Russian and international art fairs and partners extensively with various institutions and foundations to pave the way for creative exchanges, create a real community for those in the art sphere, influence intellectual evolution, and strengthen international cultural partnerships.

The works of PA Gallery artists have been featured in international biennials, such as the prestigious Venice Biennale, and are part of private and public collections around the world, including the Multimedia Art Museum, Tretyakov Gallery, Russian Museum, Ruarts Foundation, Aksenov amily Foundation, Sandretto Foundation, and many others.

PA Gallery:

- assists in the building and upkeep of private and corporate art collections

- provides art consultation

- represents clients at international art auctions

- delivers artwork attribution and evaluation expertise

- offers art conservation services

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