Alina Hubarenko

Alina Hubarenko


Alina Hubarenko is a talented Ukrainian-German contemporary artist, born in the enchanting city of Kiev in 1991, and raised amidst the picturesque landscapes of Germany, near Kassel. Her artistic journey commenced during her early years, with a profound affinity for creativity that set the course for her life’s path.

Alina’s formal artistic education led her to the esteemed halls of the Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Ukraine, providing her with a solid foundation for her artistic endeavors. There, she honed her skills and nurtured her unique creative perspective.

Alina Hubarenko’s artistic passion and specialization lie in the realm of contemporary realism, with a particular focus on seascapes and water painting. Her work is a visual testament to her deep connection with the natural world, capturing its beauty and serenity with each brushstroke.

Alina Hubarenko’s artworks for sale

As an emerging professional artist, Alina has dedicated herself fully to her craft. Since 2017, she has made Bad Arolsen, Germany, her home, where she continues to create and share her artistic expressions with the world. Alina’s art is a harmonious fusion of Ukrainian and German influences, creating a dynamic and culturally enriched source of inspiration for her creative journey. Her work serves as a window into her soul, a canvas through which she invites viewers to explore the depths of her experiences and the expanses of her imagination.

For those interested in acquiring a piece of her unique vision, Alina Hubarenko’s artwork for sale is available online & at Signet Contemporary Art Gallery in Chelsea.


Alina Hubarenko’s statement

“The basis of my art is repetition and meditative practice of watching the world around me: its outlines, details and small nuances. I invite the viewer to walk this path of reality recognition with me, which is why I use a hyper-realistic painting technique where every line in the picture plays a role as a guide. For a long time I have been painting only one object – the waters of seas and oceans. It is beautiful in each of its manifestations, harbouring within itself an immense life force and energy that everyone can partake of. Today the people are drowning in a huge amount of information pouring in on them from different sides – fragmentary, contradictory, incomplete, turning their consciousness into chaos. In my work I try to step out of this flow and show the viewer a different state of balance and harmony, slowness of the moment and self-awareness through the greatest element on the planet. The sea is a great source of love and energy for me and I want to share these feelings through my work. My works are portals to a state of genuine joy and abundance so lacking in today’s world of technology and post-truth.”


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