About metaverse

A metaverse for art, fashion, design, education and creativity where you can have a real-time interaction with digital objects.

Immersive digital exhibitions, advanced presentation technologies, creation of a conceptual space for your project, its monetization and scaling, educational games — all in real time.


Digital Ruins

Membership opportunities


  • Sell and promote your art worldwide


  • Create and sell digital objects in the metaverse


  • Show and promote your collection, increase its value and price
  • Create a brand for your collection
  • Buy art on favorable terms


  • Find new and interesting ways to attract the attention of your target audience
  • Use marketing tools and create high-quality visual presentations of brand products without any restrictions all over the world


  • Promote projects in Web3
  • Create new forms of communication
  • Implement an original concept and get more attention and interest from your audience


  • Show your professional and creative skills visually. Sell services, create models of your solutions, and present them to clients

Marketing Specialists

  • Get a new promising tool for project promotion

IT Developers and IT Specialists

  • Create, optimize, and sell spaces

What will the Artocratia Metaverse provide?

Professional approach

Professional approach

The selection of artworks and further project support is performed by experts of the world of art and culture

Creative digital platform

Creative digital platform

With the possibility of presenting WEB 3 projects

Creation of digital professional creative cluster

Creation of digital professional creative cluster

Digital exhibitions

Digital exhibitions

NFT exhibitions

NFT exhibitions

Personal creative integrations

Personal creative integrations

For art, fashion, design, and architecture

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