05.12.22 — 01.03.23

Digital ruins

The virtual project
That brings together
four artists by VS Gallery

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Digital ruins

Digital works by Rinat Abdramakhnov, Daniil Karamushkin, Alisa Nozhina and Kirill Rave will be placed in an environment specially created for the exhibition, which makes the experience of interacting with art different from the usual “white cube”.

"Digital Ruins" — thoughts about future digital meanings and their transformations. The group exhibition project unites four artists of the gallery. Digital works by Rinat Abdrakhmanov, Daniil Karamushkin, Alisa Nozhina and Kirill Rave will be shown in an environment created specially for the exhibition, which will make the experience of interacting with art different from the usual "white cube".

The project is dedicated to the new individuality on a private and global scale. The digital world blurs the line between destruction and creation, when the destroyed past still belongs to the space of the future. The project speaks about changes and the formation of a new perception of art, when the viewer, through technology, is able to fully immerse himself in the exhibition space in order to rethink and sort himself out already taking into account new realities and new opportunities. Error, glitch, destruction and pixelation of space are not what needs to be corrected, but part of the viewer's experience, which serves as a source of attracting attention, meditation, "sticking".

Digital ruins are thoughts about future digital meanings and their transformation. Rinat Abdramakhnov's collages play with the viewer's perception to spark a child's interest in discovering and exploring the world. They are assembled from various debris or used materials. Alisa Nozhina shows two faces of time: one is the present, the second is the future and the past at the same time. The work "City of Errors" is a conversation with the audience about the future. Daniil Karamushkina turns his attention to the word. It destroys and creates, plays with perception. Daniil's works are constructed using AI image generation based on modeled sculptures. Kirill Rave's Digital Ruins is a fragment of a hypnotic place created from recycled memories. Truth turns into a visual sensation from the gigantic scale of the fractal glitch.

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