Artists on Artocratia have access to private collections, like and comment other users’ artworks, get information about events by the most influential institutions and get access to the art materials from our journal

Artocratia features for artists


If you choose pro-subscription, you get a personal consultation dedicated to your presentation, personal statement and portfolio. This type of subscription offers you full assistance during your Artocratia journey

International art community

Get to know art societies from different countries, as our project unites art professionals all over the world



Show your artworks and cooperate directly with the entire art world, including collectors. With no intermediaries

Placing of you portfolio

Make a statement in the art community by having your artworks at one place instead of endlessly sending them to different institutions

Development and promotion

Find a team to move on together not only on Artocratia, but even beyond


Become friends with other users of Artocratia: curators, collectors, specialists, and just art lovers

Publishing artworks

Publish your own works of art, that will appear in your profile and in your friends’ feed