A selection of films that will help you dive deeper into the world of art


We invite you to enjoy your weekend. Feature films and documentaries that you can watch in one go.

A selection of films that will help you dive deeper into the world of art

With love, Vincent (2017)

The film "Love, Vincent" is completely created with oil paints on canvas in the of Van Gogh himself. A large team of painters worked on the project - more than 100 people. The film is based on the artist's letters to his brother Theo, which talk about art and life, and the plot is built around a purposeful postman who sets out to deliver the letters he finds to the recipient by all means.

Best Offer (2012)

Psychological thriller about the art market.

An auctioneer, played by Geoffrey Rush, is hired to sell a large inheritance, but the task proves to be a daunting one, even for a cunning businessman. The film, of course, was shot by the Italians, which makes the art history intricacies of the plots look even more alive.

Francophonie (2015)

An experimental comedy directed by Russian director Alexander Sokurov. The film tells about the Louvre during the years of the Nazi occupation and the negotiations between the director of the Louvre, Jacques Jojar, and an expert on the art of the Reich, Franz Wolf-Metternich. In fact, it turned out to be a deep reflection on eternal themes: art, power, history and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Frida (2002)

Cinema for those who want to "live" the life of an artist. We know enough about Frida Kahlo and her difficult marriage to Diego Rivera, this is one of the hottest topics in the history of art of the 20th century. But what kind of person was Frida Kahlo? How did she live through the difficulties that fell on her lot? The film shows her as a living person - vulnerable and at the same time incredibly resilient.

Lost Leonardo (2021)

Let's move on to documentaries. The high-profile case of recent years is the sale of the "Savior of the World" at Christie's auction. It is still unknown whether the painting is really by Leonardo da Vinci or if it is another scam on the art market. The film reveals the mysterious story of the appearance of the …