Artocratia Metaverse - our new level of communication in the world of art

Artocratia Metaverse - our new level of communication in the world of art

This week we launched our first digital project - an exhibition in the Artocratia metaverse. Of course, we invite everyone to visit it and take a walk around the exhibition, where the artworks by Artocratia artists are presented. However, the exhibition is only the first step of a large project that will grow and expand. What will our metaverse be about and what will you be able to find there?

1. Professional approach. We are very attentive to art and culture, so it’s important for us to maintan professionalism, especially today, in a world of overabundance of information and digital phenomena. In digital space and in real life, it’s important for us that both the artworks and their appearance are on a high level.

2. Digital and NFT exhibitions. Not all of our exhibitions will be transferred to WEB3 as we will use this tool only when it’s necessary. Anyway, we are developing our own digital spaces, collaborating with top collectors to present their collections as a complete exhibition. In the future, we also plan to launch our own market place and special smart contracts.

3. The ability to communicate inside the digital space. No boundaries - this is the base of WEB3, and, in our opinion, a very valuable thing today. We will pay special attention to this.

4. A creative digital platform and the possibility of creative digital integrations. We also plan to work with new interesting digital projects to make our metaverse interesting and diverse.

5. Immersion in the history of contemporary art. Now we are developing a quest on contemporary art to make it both fun and informative.

6. Creation of a digital professional creative cluster. Our metaverse will focus on the development of art, culture and creative industries within the digital world, where professionals will be able to communicate with each other.

Welcome to the world of Artocratia Metaverse!