I’m Enough. Interview with Alina Tacmelova

I’m Enough. Interview with Alina Tacmelova

Alina Tacmelova is a person with remarkable energy. She embarked on her entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 19 and has since made significant growth, relocating to Canada and successfully establishing a business in a foreign country. These experiences have enriched her understanding of people and their diverse perspectives.

We talked with Alina, a member of the Alvitr Club, about what unites all people. Why is the viewer the main character in her art? What is important to consider when creating art in another country? What is important for the viewer now?

Who is Alina Tacmelova?

Alina Tacmelova is a person with a wealth of life experience, successfully engaging with a variety of individuals. Now, how should I approach this from a personal perspective or share my beliefs?

Imagine yourself on a grand stage, delivering a captivating speech to an attentive audience.

I am an accomplished businesswoman, starting my entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 19. My identity thrives on embracing risks, standing up for justice, and longing for a fairer world. With practical expertise and theoretical knowledge, I empower others and demonstrate the potential for greater happiness, tranquility, and harmony.

You mentioned being in business since the age of 19, but how did art become a part of your life?

For nearly a decade, I dedicated myself to the non-profit sector. While not traditionally seen as a business, it required relentless pursuit of funding. We tirelessly knocked on closed doors, negotiated, and sought financial support for projects catering to individuals affected by HIV, injecting drug users, and underprivileged children and teenagers. This phase of my life deeply intertwined with the intricacies of human psychology.

In due course, our organization flourished. We played a pivotal role in facilitating the arrival of Doctors Without Borders and the establishment of an AIDS center in Pridnestrovie. With our assistance, self-help groups, social centers for those with HIV and their families, as well as children's rooms for disadvantaged youth began to blossom. I personally hired individuals afflicted by this disease, fostering enduring working relationships.

Eventually, I realized that the groundwork I had laid and the team I had assembled were capable of independently managing the organization without me. It prompted me to ponder my own potential for growth and reflect on alternative avenues to explore. The decision to immigrate and broaden my horizons materialized, leading me to choose Canada as my destination.

When I arrived in Canada, I initially thought I would continue working with HIV infections. However, I encountered a different system here and realized that managing it would be challenging without a strong grasp of English. Consequently, I made the decision to venture into the realm involving creativity. Throughout my life, I had two long-standing desires: to attend art school and improve my English skills. Drawing had always held a special place in my heart, with my love for installations stemming from my involvement in various circles at the House of Pioneers during my …