Is culture necessary today? Art and the artist in a period of turbulence


Text: Marina Alvitr

Is culture necessary today? Art and the artist in a period of turbulence

When social cataclysms occur in the world and the built social ties collapse, art and culture seem to fall silent. How can one not remember the name of the Venice Biennale "The Milk of Dreams"? But what is an artist or cultural figures to do today. They can't sleep...

Does anyone need it?

Galleries close, museums close or temporarily stop their activities, or offer a refined, outdated program. Interaction with foreign sites looks unsteady, "culture has been canceled." What to do in this situation? Go work as a courier? Perhaps so… it all depends on the goal. Turbulence speaks of the restructuring of the system, when it changes, not only difficulties arise, but also opportunities are formed. However, it is important that you have an idea. If the artist has him and his idea - that's enough to do everything. The main thing is not to generalize, but to understand which path you have. And with whom personally do you want to share your idea and how. Then it will definitely become "someone needs it."

Do this or don't do that...

Today, somehow, there are a lot of divorced not even advisers, but people who are trying to tell everyone else what to do and how to do it. He left - a traitor, remained - a conformist, said something - badly or not, kept silent - generally a nightmare. From all sides voices are heard trying to impose guilt on us. What did you do? What did you say? And here it is important to remember that an artist or any cultural figure can only tell himself what and how to do, what to say and how to act. Participate in the fair or not. Open exhibitions and projects or not. And here everyone must agree with himself: about what and how he considers it appropriate to talk.

Why do it today?

I considered and still consider this issue to be the main one not only in the current situation, but in general. If you know the answer to it, then it is definitely worth doing a project or an exhibition, or anything that you came up with. And look, look for options for the implementation and promotion of this activity. Even if it doesn’t work right away, it will most likely work out a little later, or you will find a way to implement it. A good example is Adrian Gheni, who did his work in the city of …