How can an artist build a unique image?

How can an artist build a unique image?

In today's reality, artists have a lot of opportunities to promote and build a strong image. Especially with the widespread digitalization. Today we talk about how an artist can promote his work.

Create an online portfolio

Building an online portfolio is the first step on the road to fame. You need to have a space online where you can lead collectors, curators, and art lovers to see your best work. It's a page on the website where your works and concepts will be presented.

The site should have a biography, a description of your work (statement - what your art is about), and, of course, works. It's not necessary to exhibit all your art, it's enough to exhibit the main and indicative ones. This is the cornerstone for building your brand as an artist. A great example of an online portfolio is the site of the famous Russian artist Pokras Lampas.

Online portfolio of Pokras Lampas

Almost everyone knows him. He began his artistic journey by painting a wall in Yekaterinburg, and then painted the roof of the Red October in Moscow, collaborated with major brands like Fendi, and Lamborghini, and continues to delight the public with his large-scale works in different parts of the Earth. Pokras Lampas has an already formed image, he is known not only in Russia but also abroad. His brand doesn't have the mystery of Banksy or the provocativeness of Jeff Koons. He developed his own unique, recognizable as an artist. The website serves as a showcase for his work, featuring numerous examples of street art and brand collaborations.


Develop social networks

On social media, you can broadcast your values, uniqueness, and creativity. It is important to reveal your personality and show your creativity as well as part of your private life. The buyer buys not only a picture but also a part of your story. If the artist is still unknown, most often information about him will be sought in social networks. …