Look Bigger: Why Artists Today Need to Work in Multiple Genres (and Beyond)

Look Bigger: Why Artists Today Need to Work in Multiple Genres (and Beyond)

What is the artist most afraid of? Practice shows that the artist's main fear is lack of demand. Today we live in such a dynamic, when it is not always possible to view the distant horizon, everything around is changing, the intellectual tone of society is increasing, and the usual form of living and rethinking reality is no longer enough. Therefore, it becomes especially important for the artist to find ways to flexibly integrate into the world of art.

Installation by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama

What to do?

Turning to interdisciplinarity can make your work and story more interesting and meaningful, the combination of more than one artistic (and not only artistic) discipline: painting and music / sound, performance and technology, painting and technology, sculpture and performance, painting and sculpture, it all depends only on your courage and willingness to seek and find solutions, to create interesting collaborations.

This approach corresponds to the complexity and heterogeneity of not only the sphere of art, but also life itself, it allows you to form non-linear connections between phenomena from its various areas and thus arouses the interest of the viewer. Art becomes a system that includes many trends related not only to the history of art itself, but also to other areas of life.

The development of art is directly related to the emergence of various inventions: from the camera to digital technology. Ever since the advent of the camera obscura, artists have realized that this innovation can be used, and began to project an image with its help.

Today, culture, social events, the achievements of modernity, and even nature have become the subject of not so much works of art as artistic research, replacing paints and canvases for many artists.

Let's take an example: the artist William Kentrdij, whose graphic works are sold from 30 tons, works in the genres of graphics, engraving, collage, prints, creates films, sculpture, tapestries, as well as theater, opera, dance performances and music. Impressive set of techniques? Here is a kaleidoscope of disciplines, which created the author's of the artist, making him popular, famous and rich. The artist is known all over the world and has been in the top 100 world celebrities in the art world for 20 years. On September 24, his major exhibition opened at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

Scene from The Refusal of Time installation

In his projects, Kentridge combines traditional techniques with animation and films, and turns exhibitions into theatrical performances.

The viewer is easy to understand, such experiments are really interesting to watch: a mixture of topics, disciplines, materials. Anything: the human body, its socio-cultural awareness, cultural clichés, new technologies, diffusion of the real world and the informational one - to varying degrees, their research and application can enrich the visual language and artistic expression in …