The beloved companion of Art Basel: Liste Art Fair and 5 most interesting projects

The beloved companion of Art Basel: Liste Art Fair and 5 most interesting projects

Each famous fair has younger brothers – satellites. They usually present emerging contemporary art with affordable prices. In addition, such fairs are a wonderful opportunity to take a closer look at new, promising artists. The Moscow Cosmoscow has such a satellite — Blazar, and the Swiss Art Basel — Liste, which we are talking about today.

The Liste Art Fair appeared in 1996. It also presents galleries and artists from different continents of the world. This year, the organizers of the satellite fair gathered 82 galleries and more than 100 artists under one roof.


The Parisian gallery Allen presented the “Minolta” series made by Linus Bill + Adrien Horni continuing the artists’ interest in reproduction, employs the format pre-determined by most of the world’s copy machines. Exploiting the ISO 216 standard system, and the copy machines built to serve it, the artists take advantage of its enterprising scaling possibilities starting with A3 paper and repeatedly upscaling until they reach the a size of 2 metres tall, the final result delivered in silkscreened ink. Using a technique that might be easily, and expectedly, explored for making multiples, each unique artwork refutes the inherent nature of the process. It turned out to be such a great homage to Pete Mondrian and László Moholy-Nagy.

Linus Bill and Adrien Horni, Minolta A1, 2021

The Bel Ami gallery from Los Angeles utilizes painting, sculpture, and installation to create dreamlike works that respond to Surrealist traditions. In preparing these installations Chiba collects seemingly random assortments of objects — photographs, wooden planks, potted plants, excess paint — to stage unusual material landscapes. Other objects used in his paintings are also drawn from memory. Once configured into a desired form, Chiba utilizes these installations and objects as studies for his richly rendered oil paintings. Whimsical at first glance, his pictures also suggest an undercurrent of anxiety and instability, as if the perceptible world were melting away below us. By the way, Masaya Chiba is already a well—known artist in Japan, and nevertheless is represented on Liste.

Masaya Chiba, Painting of the Family Story, 2017

Gregory Olympio presented by the blank gallery from Cape Town is interested in the spaces that connect or separate us - the overlaps and intersections that exist between people beyond the usual social-cultural identifiers such as race, gender, and religion. Olympio himself grew up in a multicultural environment and considers culture and identity not as something well-established, but as a completely flexible personality characteristics.

Gregory Olympio, Baigneuses / Bathers, 2022

For Liste 2022, Embajada gallery presented a series "Mine Your Own Business" that critiques the current digital environment and explores the dynamics of appropriation and commodification of personal data that surrounds our daily life. The series consists of found objects implanted with microcomputers displaying diverse data scraped from the internet; the information ranges from personal data of the artist, real time market values and virtual currency mining.

Gabriella Torres Ferrer, Mine Your Own Business , 2018-2022

The Russian Osnova gallery and the artist Andrey Pokrovskii, whose works are devoted to the problem of relations with various places, the issue of attachment to spaces (real, mythical or virtual) through the experience gained in their context: sensual and behavioral, meditative and emotional, are also presented at the Liste Art Fair. The main stage for reflection on this topic is Westminster, the historic district of London. The project titled "The Outrage at Westminster" comes from a small note on the margins of the Westminster chronicles — a document, which, among other things, describes the burglary of king’s treasury on the grounds of the abbey in 1304, attempted by Richard of Puddlicott.

Andrey Pokrovskii, The Outrage at Westminster, 2022

In today's article we reviewed 5 most interesting and significnt projects of the Liste art fair. You can have a tour around the fair online on their website.