How does your morning start?


Many of us practice "virtual getting up" — when we are still in bed, but already texting with someone through a messenger.




The flow of information is constantly with us: from the morning until the moment we go to bed again, the speed of obtaining information is instantaneous and today it's important to not only be able to write correctly but also to be able to filter information.


The phenomenon of catastrophic lack of time in the modern world is connected not so much with time itself, but precisely with the amount of information that we have every day. Perhaps everyone has cases of a "temporary network loop" when you went online for 5 minutes to clarify the necessary information and after half an hour found yourself on the 10th tab of the browser reading material on a completely different topic: starting from social networks and ending with the life of the Maori tribe. To avoid the harmful influence of the world overflowing with information, we suggest using the rules of the new literacy:


1. Set up your personal filter for any incoming information;

2. Feel free to say "NO" to what doesn't suit you;

3. Learn to express your thoughts clearly;

4. Develop critical thinking;

5. Filter not only the flow of incoming information but also the outgoing one. Regularly ask yourself the question: what am I broadcasting and why?



Illustration by Marco Melgrati


There is a …