Not art alone, or what business opportunities do digital spaces offer?

Not art alone, or what business opportunities do digital spaces offer?

As you know, we are creating a metaverse for culture, art and creativity and we often get questions about its possibilities.

We often talk a lot about opportunities for art, but we talk less about what digital spaces can be of interest to brands and businesses. Today about it.

1. 3D presentations

How often do you see presentations of ideas, business strategies and products on slides? Regularly.

But what if you visualize the project in a digital 3D space and can visually show some of the solutions, as well as involve the viewer in the process. During such a presentation, it is unlikely that anyone will be bored sitting on the phone.

Today, the trend from tell to show that social networks have brought us is clearly visible, and a new level of “show” is 3D solutions.

Such solutions are very good for fashion, architecture, complex projects, art, marketing, gaming solutions and design. Already now you can see how technology is being used by big fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, real estate development like Hutton development, and of course tech companies like Tesla presenting their projects in non-2D.

How much does it cost? Differently. Depends on the complexity of the solution. At the same time, it is important to note that this is not about creating your own digital project from scratch, you can use a ready-made platform that customizes the solution for your tasks and then the cost will be quite affordable.

Hutton metaverse

2. Events

In the metaverse, you can do not only digital exhibitions, but also many other event formats.

Shows, performances, concerts, auctions, immersive educational programs and much more, depending on the specifics of the space and its theme.

The advantages of this format are many. First, novelty and interest - we love everything new and unusual, although we often resist it.

Secondly, the ability to invite an audience from anywhere in the world to participate in the event. No other format has this option. One of the brightest examples of such events is the concert of rapper Travis Scott in the space of the Fortnight game. The show was attended by more than 12 million people, for comparison, a concert at the stadium is 45 thousand seats. The rapper earned a record fee of $20 million at his digital concert, compared to a real concert and a fee of $1.7 million.

Thirdly, the ability to turn on fantasy and create a context that is impossible in real space. For example, exhibitions in space that take place in the metaverse of Artocracy.

Creating a digital event also does not require personal development of the space, but it does require high-quality preparation and a marketing campaign.

3. Marketing

Metaverses and digital …