Resistance or how to comprehend things that seem difficult at first


New technologies today cause not only interest but also quite expected rejection.

Resistance or how to comprehend things that seem difficult at first

"What will I do if a computer does everything by itself without me?"
"What will happen to the traditional art then?"
"All the digital is fake"

Are these claims even fair? And what are they based on?

Neophobia is fear of the new and it’s an eternal companion of any person and the most common fear that we constantly overcome during evolution. Life is arranged in an interesting way, and we don’t know what to expect tomorrow. There is more - what will happen to us in 5 years? So it's better to become friends with this fear.

The best way to reduce resistance is to make the unknown and incomprehensible, understandable and known, to study it. Learning new things develops neural connections, and thinking broadens horizons and generally makes you a more interesting person. Great benefits, right?

Let's look at the rapid development of the figure from a progressive point of view.

Firstly, the computer does not pretend to replace a person, objectively it simplifies our lives, opening up more interesting possibilities. Even 50 years ago, it was necessary to work exhaustingly in factories, and today there is absolutely no such need since production technologies have come. Has the person become unnecessary? No. …