The story of the rise and fall of the STEPN NFT project

The story of the rise and fall of the STEPN NFT project

Do sports and get paid for it? Why not? In the era of digitalization, this has become real.

Today we will tell you about the famous STEPN NFT project, which motivated people to love running and get paid for it.

Over the past year, various projects have appeared in the crypto world in the play-to-earn format, that is, "play and earn". There are other subspecies in this format, like move-to-earn and even sex-to-earn. All such projects work on the involvement of the user — run and get money, grow a digital crystal and earn a crypt, and so on. That is, the more time, money, and interest you invest in a project, the greater its profitability. Just like in the conditions of the real market, at least for art.

So, STEPN appeared in December 2021 and interested not only athletes but also ordinary people who wanted to lead a healthier life and invest in cryptocurrency. By the way, the application encourages not only intensive running, but also walking and jogging, that is, it brings physical activity to your life as much as possible.

How does it work? You need to …