The rules of failure in the art market or never do so if you want to have progress

The rules of failure in the art market or never do so if you want to have progress

Usually, we give tips on how to archive success in the art field, how to work with technology, and sell your art, but today we’ve decided to create a list of things you must do so that nothing goes right.

No matter how creative, meaningful, and aesthetically beautiful the art sphere is - it is a market. Accordingly, the laws of commercial success are the same here as in any business. If you are an artist, art dealer, collector, or any other participant of the art market, then the following set of fatal mistakes should be taken into account. A mild warning: the material is written in a comic format for the study of the phenomenon of "lack of sales". You can draw all the conclusions yourself and decide whether it is worth following such "harmful advice" or it is better to go the other way.

So, the first rule of failure: Think that your business is about creativity and genius, and certainly not for the sake of money. It’s for your soul only and no business.

Why build a business if you can just wait for the people who will appreciate your genius to come? They will see the depth and meaning, get into it, and buy paintings for any money, but for now, the artist can be hungry. Surprisingly, this approach is still common.

Any sale takes place according to the rules of the economy: you give the work away and get paid for it. So you are already in business.

If you don't want to sell your art, then you don't need to think like an entrepreneur, you don't need to study modernity, and in general, you can act very chaotically. If you still want stable sales and think that a well-fed and traveling artist is more productive (we think so), then treat your business with an entrepreneurial note: you at least need a concept and strategy. Undoubtedly, the idea is very important in art. At the same time, the way to convey this idea to the public is also important. It is almost impossible to be a brilliant artist and a strong strategist at the same time, so it is best to work with a professional team where …