Learn or not to learn? That is the question

Learn or not to learn? That is the question

Seems like theory and practice must be linked, but at the same time there is nothing more distant. At the university we get a lot of knowledge, undoubtedly useful, but is it applicable in practice? Very often it is not.

There are a lot of both mocking and serious discussions on this topic, but the fact remains that the educational system doesn’t keep up with the rapid global changes. Here is a simple example: many universities have already formed a program that was inherited from the Soviet Union, and art students study the history of art from ancient times to the 1970s-1980s. As for contemporary art, it’s mentioned in a passing by way or — even worse — not spoken at all. This is one side of the problem. On the other hand, a strong emphasis is placed on history, theory, philosophy, but there is absolutely no practice. In order to seriously engage in art, you need to visit many exhibitions, watch, see, touch, explore. Unfortunately, academic education often deprives such an opportunity, and many graduates simply have no practical skills at all.

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We don’t deny the importance of education, but we understand that for professional success in the art field you need to be flexible, inquisitive and have employability skills. Therefore, right now we’re launching the platform where we will bring together the most up-to-date knowledge in the field of art which you can really use in modern realities. Step by step, our professional platform will be replenished with lectures and educational programs. It’s no longer necessary to collect knowledge bit by bit from different sources, essential skills can be obtained on our educational platform.

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