Offer for the provision of website services

Placement date: March 31, 2022

Effective date: April 3, 2022

This offer defines the terms of use of the materials and services of the site (hereinafter referred to as the Site).


1. Terms and definitions

1.1. For the purposes of this document, the following terms are used in the following meaning: Joining the offer; full and unconditional acceptance of the Offer in accordance with Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation by performing the actions specified in Clause 3.1. of the Offer;

Contract is a paid/gratuitous contract between the User and the Operator for granting the right to Use the Service, which is concluded by accepting the Offer;

Registered user/User – User who has passed the registration procedure on the site;

Operator – IP Zhurikhina Marina Vladimirovna, owner ;

Offer— this document is posted on the Internet at ;

The User's representative is an individual acting on behalf of the User, duly authorized;

The application is software designed to work on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, developed for a specific platform (iOS, Android).

Registration on the site - provision by the User of mandatory data for creating an account on the site in order to gain access to the extended /full functionality of the site.

Service (Website)— a set of software and hardware for computers that provide publication for the review of information and data united by a common purpose, through technical means used for communication between computers on the Internet. The service is available at a unique email address or its letter designation at

Tariff plan (tariff) a set of functionality provided by the site/application for a certain cost / free of charge in accordance with the terms posted on the link

1.2. The Offer may use terms not defined in clause 1.1. of the Offer. In this case, the interpretation of such a term is made in accordance with the text of the Offer. In the absence of an unambiguous interpretation of the term in the text of the Offer, one should be guided by the interpretation of the term defined: first of all by the legislation of the Russian Federation, second of all on the website, then by the established (commonly used) on the Internet.

1.3. Any mention in the text of the Offer of the Service / site corresponds to the services / actions provided / performed when using the Site.


2. Subject of the Contract

The subject of the Agreement is the provision by the Operator of the right to use the Service for its intended purpose on the terms of the Offer. The purpose of the Service (hereinafter referred to as functionality) is:

2.1. Provision of a personal account for the publication of works for other users of the Site in the amount in connection with the selected tariff;

2.2. Provision of closed educational products and services in connection with the selected tariff or in connection with the selected additional product;

2.3. Interaction with other registered users through the website system (News feed, chat) 

2.4. Provision of other reference information in accordance with the tariff purchased by the User. Information about the information provided is available in the description of the Tariffs at the link

2.5. Providing the use of the Site functions that are laid down for the selected role;

2.6. Promotion of works in connection with the selected Tariff in the social networks of the Site and within its resources. 


3. Terms and procedure for providing the Service.

3.1. The User (the User's Representative) joins this Offer by:

 • expressions of consent during the registration procedure on the site;

 • payments according to the Tariff plan.

3.2. The Service is provided at the prices and in the amount of the tariff plan chosen by the User (the User's Representative).

3.3. When choosing the functionality that requires registration, the User (the User's Representative) is obliged to provide reliable data about the User of the pic

the requirement to fill in all required fields in the registration form.

3.4. When choosing the functionality provided for by the paid tariff, the Service is provided in accordance with the established tariff after the payment is received by the Operator.

3.5. After the end of the paid period, if there is no payment for the next period, the provision of the Service is limited to the list provided for by the Free Tariffs.

3.6. The service is provided by the operator in an automated mode.

3.7. The Site provides Users with the contact details specified by Users when posting on the site.

3.8. Users interact with the owners of the contact data provided by the site independently. At the same time, Users should understand that the Operator cannot influence the negotiation / conclusion of contracts by Users.

3.9. Materials/information obtained through the use of the site may be used by the User/The User's representative only in the User's direct activity to find another User for their own needs. User/The User's representative has no right to copy, distribute, post on other Internet resources or otherwise use the information/materials provided by the site for purposes other than those specified in this paragraph.

3.10. Materials/information obtained through the use of the site are not intended for automatic download by means of technical/software tools. If cases of automatic downloading of information are detected, the User's access to the site's services is blocked. At the same time, the funds are not returned.


4. Cost and payment procedure.

4.1. The service is provided according to the current tariff plans available on the website.

4.2. Tariff plans can be changed unilaterally by the Operator. At the same time, the change in the tariff plan (cost / period of Service provision) The Operator does not affect the periods already paid by the User.

4.3. When paying for the Service, the User is given the opportunity to pay directly by making a non-cash payment to the Operator's current account or payment using electronic means of payment.

4.4. To make a payment using electronic means of payment, the User is redirected to the page of the payment service "YUKASSA", through which the payment is made.

4.5. When making a payment using a bank card, the User is automatically connected to the "Autopayment" service, which can be canceled at any time after the payment is made directly in the User's Personal Account on the service .

4.6. In case of refusal of the "Autopayment" service, re-activation of this service is possible with subsequent payment for access to the Service directly when entering payment data on the payment service's website.

4.7. In case of change of tariff plans by the Operator, provided the service is connected "Autopayments" from the User, the provision of access to the Service to the User for the next period is carried out on the terms of the changed tariff that was in effect at the time of renewal.

4.8. In case of a change in the tariff plan by the User during the paid period, the Autopayment is set in accordance with the last change in the tariff plan by the User.

4.9. To change the tariff plan (regardless of whether the Autopayment service is connected or not) The user needs to make a payment in accordance with the new tariff. At the same time, the validity period of the new tariff begins from the date of expiration of the previous one. If there are additional features in the new tariff compared to the old one, the features of the new tariff are activated directly at the time of payment.

4.10. After receipt of payment for the right to use the Service, the Operator within a working day sends to the User's email address specified by him during registration:

 • In case of payment by electronic means of payment – cash receipt;

 • In case of payment by wire transfer – The act of granting the right to use the Service.

4.11. After receiving

When the User submits a cash receipt / Act of granting the right to use the Service to his e-mail, the User's objections are considered within 2 (two) business days. In the absence of the User's objections, the right to use the Service is considered granted to the appropriate extent

4.12. The originals of the Acts for granting the right to use the Service are provided by sending via the VLSI/Diadoc Electronic Document Management System within 7 (seven) working days from the date of issuance. If the User does not have access to the VLSI/Diadoc SED, the originals are sent to the address specified in the User's personal account, or to the legal address (if there is no Postal address in the Personal Account) at the end of each calendar month. If the User has indicated in his personal account the receipt of Acts through the SED VLSI / Diadoc , the originals of the Acts are not sent by Mail.